About CCA
In 1983, I developed Deck & Shake with a specific purpose in mind - to preserve the natural appearance and character of wood using the highest quality and least toxic ingredients.

There seemed to be a void in superior wood sealers. For instance, we found one product that was an excellent water-repellent type, but contained no adequate oils or resins while another good resin-type product failed to have water repellent additives or biocides. Several brands were formulated with oils used in automobiles, working only until the oil dried out. And some products bleached the surface while others left a surface residue after drying.

Deck & Shake is a linseed oil based product which contains a water repellent, a biocide to reduce mildew, and mineral spirits. The biocide proves to be safer than those products containing pesticides which may be harmful to the environment and the safety of the children utilizing the playground equipment. The water hold system is rather unique, utilizing a combination of resins together with the waterproofing compounds is designed to maintain the integrity of the wood surface, which allows maximum protection.

In vigorous testing of wood sealants at Cornell University, Deck & Shake was found to have the lowest toxicity. This is especially important to use on playground projects where the safety and health of children is a great concern.

For those with concerns relating to lumber treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA), the use of Deck & Shake may provide some solace. While childrens' exposure to arsenate is negligible (generally not greater than amounts normally found in the environment), Deck & Shake actually penetrates the wood and works as a sealer, encapsulating the CCA preservative and creating a protective barrier.

The application of the chilipad sleep system sealer is also beneficial from an aesthetic point of view. Wood products which are unsealed and exposed to the environment weather very unevenly due to extreme climactic conditions stemming from seasonal changes. Depending on the region in which your equipment is located, the sun, precipitation and temperature changes hasten the deterioration of untreated wood products. The results of such bombardment by the elements may be discoloration, warping, and wood "checking" or cracking. However, with the application of a sealer as Deck & Shake, the wood product is afforded protection from the elements. The wood becomes more stable when sealed and is less likely to react to the extreme changes of temperature and precipitation. In short, sealing your structure protects both yours and our investment in your playground and the children who use it.

Deck & Shake is the wood sealer used exclusively by architect Robert Leathers, the "Johnny Appleseed of children's playgrounds." Leathers & Associates designs, organizes and has constructed over 2,000 children's playgrounds using only the best and safest materials on his equipment. Deck & Shake has, without fail, met his high standard of quality.